Finding accommodation in Potsdam and Berlin can be a real challenge. Commuting times, prices in the different residential districts and the most opportune times of year to search are all important factors to consider when searching for long-term accommodation. We will help illuminate your path towards finding a new home.

Request for Support



1. Can I rely on you as a legal witness during negotiations or meetings with third parties such as landlords, agents etc?

No. We are unfortunately unable to act as witnesses. The responsibility for communication with third parties lies with you. But we are happy to support you in a consulting capacity.

2. Is it common to have a kitchen provided in an apartment?

Approximately 60% of available apartments have a kitchen already installed. In special apartment houses (such as The Twenty), all apartments are usually equipped with a kitchenette.

3. Is it easy to find fully furnished apartments?

No. Furnished apartments are not common in Germany or are reserved for vacation rentals. Therefore, furnished apartments seen advertised are often too expensive to live in long-term.

4. Do I have to pay a commission to an agent or to you?

No. Our service is free of charge for the employees of our contractual partners (such as MPI).

5. Will a rental contract be in German?

Yes, almost all rental contracts are in German. We will be happy to translate the contract orally for you and assist you with questions.

6. Does the total rent include electricity, internet and telephone?

No. Separate contracts for electricity, internet and telephone services are required- except in special apartment buildings (such as The Twenty). We are happy to support you.

7. When and where do I have to register?

Within 14 days of your arrival in Germany, you must register at the Town Hall (Bürgeramt) in Potsdam or – if you live in Berlin – at the Bürgeramt responsible for your district. Since waiting times for walk-in services at government offices can be quite long, we recommend that you make an appointment as early as possible.

8. Where can I borrow tools?

For a deposit of 50€, you can borrow a toolbox, cordless screwdriver and a drill from our office in the GO:IN building (3rd floor, room 307). Please contact us to check if the tools are available.

9. Do I have to install lights in my new apartment?

In German apartments it is common that lamps and lighting are not built in, and you must install them as the new tenant. In some cases, lights belong to the landlord or can be purchased from the previous tenant. It is best to discuss whether lights are included when first visiting the apartment with the landlord.

10. Can you recommend a handyman to help me install lamps or a washing machine?

We will be happy to provide contact information for a suitable handyman from our network. Please contact us.

11. Can I use my electronic devices here? What voltage is used?

Power plug adapter needed: Yes
Power sockets: type F
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz

For more specific FAQ please check out the pages support, childcare, language school and social life. 

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We are back in the office and provide in-person visits. Please make an appointment directly with your contact person via e-mail or telephone. During the consultation we are separated from each other by a plexiglass panel. In addition we follow the current hygiene standards and social distancing rules.

Office in the GO:IN Building, 3rd floor, room 307
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