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Christmas Markets in Potsdam and Berlin

Many towns and cities in Germany celebrate the weeks leading up to Christmas by building Christmas Markets in the town or city centre. There are many different kinds of Christmas Markets to be seen— traditional German Christmas Markets, Swedish Christmas Markets or even Christmas Markets focused on sustainability. Check out the most popular Christmas Markets in Potsdam and Berlin.

Blue Lights Christmas Market | Potsdam

The largest Christmas Market in Brandenburg is the Blue Lights Christmas Market in the Potsdam city centre. The Market fills the Brandenburger Straße pedestrian zone and Luisenplatz and includes many booths selling Christmas decorations, food, and art.

Dutch Sinterklaas-Fest in the Dutch Quarter | Potsdam

The Dutch Quarter in Potsdam hosts a festival every year to celebrate “Sinterklaas”, the Dutch version of Father Christmas. Dutch music, food and theatre are some of the many entertainments to be enjoyed.

More Christmas Markets in Potsdam and the Surrounding

  • Bohemian Christmas Market at Weber Square
  • Polish Star Market
  • Advent Magic at Hermannswerder
  • Romantic Christmas Village at Krongut Bornstedt
  • Advent Market at the church in Golm
  • Advent Market at Potsdam University, Campus Golm


Advent Market at Domäne Dahlem | Berlin

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The Advent market at Domäne Dahlem takes place on all Advent weekends from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., as a market festival on the atmospherically decorated estate of Domäne Dahlem.

Spandau Christmas Market | Berlin

The largest Christmas Market in Berlin is in the old town of Spandau. The Market boasts 250 market stalls during the week and over 400 on the weekends. Musical events take place on a large stage and a live Christmas nativity scene can be seen with live animals.

Christmas Magic at Gendarmenmarkt | Berlin

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One of the most beautiful Christmas Markets takes place every year at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin Mitte. Over a thousand Christmas lights and ornaments make for a festive Christmas atmosphere. Glass blowers, goldsmiths, candle makers, tailors and many other exhibitors offer their artwork for sale in the heated arts and crafts tent. Daily events including music, dance and theatre take place on the main stage.



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