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We Live Science.

Der Potsdam Science Park mit den Fraunhofer- und Max-Planck-Instituten im Vordergrund


to one of the most innovative locations for science in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region. At the Potsdam Science Park, top international research meets excellent education and research-related production. Research institutions such as the Max Planck and Fraunhofer Institutes, the University of Potsdam, the Brandenburg State Archives and more than 30 companies and start-ups jointly create a “Campus of the Future” here in Potsdam-Golm.

More than 12,500 people conduct research, work and study here in the fields of biotechnology, medical technology, optics, geosciences, astrophysics and gravitational physics. And the number is constantly growing. All this in the countryside, embedded in Brandenburg’s diverse cultural and natural landscape – and only 30 minutes from Berlin’s city centre. This is the Potsdam Science Park.

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7,000 – 28,000 km/h. That’s the kind of incredible speeds satellites can travel at in space. They orbit the earth at distances of 100-23,000 km. Inch-perfect tracking of their positions is a gruelling challenge. One of the few companies in the world that are up to the task is DiGOS in Potsdam. In fact they’re so good at it they’re planning to put up their own building in the new Technology Campus at the Potsdam Science Park. Managing Director André Kloth tells us all about how they manage to track satellites down to the millimeter via Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) and how they plan to help reduce space debris (space junk).

Potsdam Science Park is one of the fastest-growing places for business in the state of Brandenburg. Its allure continues to strengthen as a startup and relocation destination. A dedicated Transfer & Founders Team is there to put people in touch with experts, and hosts a range of knowledge-sharing and workshop events. Team member Jana Dotzek talks to us about how their events like Rooftop Pitch Potsdam and the PSP Conference ensure that great ideas from scientists make it to the market.

Virtual Reality has been a buzzword for some time now. Vragments is one company that’s helping companies digitalize using innovative solutions such as VR. From their beginnings in immersive storytelling and projects like a virtual model of Berlin’s new BER airport, they’re now shifting towards advising clients on their Industry 4.0 transformation processes. CEO Professor Linda Rath tells us about their goals, the approach they’ve been taking, and why the Potsdam Science Park is the best place to be for what they’re doing.

Das Unternehmen mit Sitz im Potsdam Science Park schafft es mit seiner KI-Plattform, komplexe Muster in genomischen Daten zu erkennen, und kann so präzise Vorhersagen zur Wirksamkeit von neuen Therapien treffen.

Artificial intelligence is one of the big trending topics of our time. But what exactly can it do?, a company based in the Potsdam Science Park, manages to recognize complex patterns in genomic data with its AI platform, enabling it to make precise predictions about the efficacy of new therapies. Their approach could radically shorten the time needed for such studies, revolutionizing an entire industry. COO Christian Hebenstreit explains how this works in our interview.

potsdam_sciencepark-geschaeftsfuehrung-gruender-BIOCYC © Standortmanagement Golm GmbH/Karen Esser

In a way, BIOCYC is one of the hidden champions of the Potsdam Science Park. Producing peptides for both the pharmaceutical industry and research as well as antibodies for cancer diagnostics, their success allows them to build their own production building in the Potsdam Science Park. In our interview, BIOCYC CEO Alexander Gorczyza talks about antibodies for cancer diagnostics and why the Potsdam Science Park is the ideal location for the growing company.

Starting in January 2022, new companies and research groups will move into the newly built H-LAB in the Potsdam Science Park. Among them will be QMEDIS Analytics, a contract lab where drugs are not only analysed but also produced. In our interview, Dr. Dennis Stracke explains how the lab works and how drug printers could revolutionise the industry.


Molecular diagnostics are dedicated to analysing genetic material. Just as DNA is highly complex in itself and must be isolated from other molecules, the methods and procedures in this field are highly complicated. Bremen-based company Molzym offers molecular diagnostics solutions for a wide range of pathogens that cause infectious diseases. At Potsdam Science Park, the company is conducting research to considerably speed up molecular diagnostics in the area of sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, to allow for improved targeted treatment.

Research and business in the field of biology face the immense challenge of analysing and evaluating huge amounts of data. The company Eagle Genomics has set out to make this complexity manageable with the help of network science and artificial intelligence. In 2021, the company will open its first German location in the Potsdam Science Park. A conversation with Dr Sven Sewitz, Head of Biodata Innovation at Eagle Genomics.