We are focusing on a lively community at Potsdam Science Park as all ideas, projects and even friendships thrive from networks and a culture of meeting new people. We need connections for every aspects of our lives.

Social Life

Most social interactions start at the workplace. We would like to encourage you to take your connections to the next level at recreational outings.
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What to do in Potsdam & Brandenburg

Brandenburg is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Besides the world-famous castles & gardens, nature abounds with over 3,000 lakes to discover – by bike, on foot, with inline skates, on a raft, SUP or in a kayak. Whether you are looking to enjoy a day...
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International and Organic Food Shopping in Potsdam

If you move to foreign country, you leave behind family members, friends and the culture of your home country. Specific foods can be a huge part of our identity. Food connects us to our home country and can even define how we bond with family members. A smell of your...
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Pick-your-own Fruit Farms around Potsdam

Summertime is fruit time. Fruit Farms are full of wonderful fruit trees and bushes full of fruit only waiting to be picked. Here you can pick your own fruit and pay for what you have picked on your way out. At home you can then make your fruit into cakes,...
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Christmas Markets in Potsdam and Berlin

Many towns and cities in Germany celebrate the weeks leading up to Christmas by building Christmas Markets in the town or city centre. There are many different kinds of Christmas Markets to be seen— traditional German Christmas Markets, Swedish Christmas Markets or even Christmas Markets focused on sustainability. Check out...
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Family Life

Families are confronted with some challenges when moving to a new country. We want to make your start in Potsdam as smooth as possible.
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Indoor Playgrounds in Potsdam and Berlin

The winters in Potsdam and Berlin can be cold and long. Keeping the children busy during the winter season can be a real challenge. Luckily there are a large number of indoor playgrounds in Potsdam and Berlin to make this task easier.  
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Outdoor Playgrounds in Potsdam

The city of Potsdam has been awarded with the “child-friendly community” seal from Unicef and is one of cities with the largest population of children in Germany. Accordingly, Potsdam provides a lot of activities and open spaces for families and children.
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Fitness for Mums in Potsdam and Berlin

Whether you’ve just given birth to your first child or are looking to improve your level of fitness as a mum, there are many options for classes for busy mums, both with your children and without.
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Mummy and Me and Children’s Classes

Does your older child have a talent for sports or music? Are you hoping to introduce your baby to early music education and meet other new mums? There are many options for Mummy and Me and children’s classes for available in the Potsdam area.  
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