Consultation hours

Many questions can best be solved in a direct conversation. That is why we offer consultation hours for various topics. In 60-minute time slots, you have the opportunity to speak with selected experts from the areas of start-ups, funding programs, IP-rights and EXIST grants. Our consultation formats are aimed at scientists with an initial business idea through to startups, and at companies or corporations that want to establish themselves in our park.

WFBB Start-up Q&A and Internationalization — Consultation for Start-ups and Scientists with a Start-up Idea! 

Do you have a start-up idea and are wondering how to proceed with it? Are you interested in what funding opportunities are available for young start-ups? And would you like to know what the first steps are immediately after founding a company? Or do you need information on how to find valuable networks and gain access to key stakeholders?

Or you want to know how to realise your international ambitions and what support is available for innovation and growth? Would you like to find out more about the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and take advantage of its extensive and free services for internationalisation?

Sign up through our events calendar and discuss your questions!

Tuesdays every 4 weeks, 60 minutes time slots in German or English, Dr. Kuang Dai (WFBB)

EXIST Q&A: From Science to Start-up — Advice from an EXIST Consultant at the University of Potsdam 

Do you have a start-up idea but don’t know exactly how to get started? Do you want to find out how you can finance your project and what support the University of Potsdam has to offer? Let the team at Potsdam Transfer advise you on EXIST and other formats. In our 60-minute appointments, you will find out what the most important steps are for your start-up and how you can get your idea off the ground. We can help with the topics of business model, innovation, team, funding and financing or marketing.

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Tuesdays every 4 weeks, 60 minute time slots, in German or English, Tommy Hammann (Potsdam Transfer)

Funding Programmes and Loans Q&A — ILB and WFBB Consultation  

Would you like to find out about funding programmes, loans and other financial support for companies in Brandenburg? Are you looking for a new location in Brandenburg and need support with networking in the German capital region?

In this consultation, we will provide information on funding programmes, loan options and put you in touch with the community in the Potsdam Science Park and the capital region!

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Every first Wednesday of the month, 60 minute time slots, in German and English, Dietmar Koske (ILB) and Bastian Kuhse (WFBB).

IP: Intellectual Property Law Q&A — Patent right transfer and negotiation transfer challenges  

Did you secure an IP at your institute and would like to transfer it to your startup or company? Or are you faced with the decision to secure an IP-right and would like to clarify the rules and guidelines of your institute in advance? Would you like to know what is important when making agreements with the institute to avoid possible legal disputes? During the consultation you can also clarify which steps are necessary for filing patents or registering trademarks, how to negotiate a licensing agreement to obtain the intellectual property rights for a spin-off and which conditions and fees are common and need to be taken into account.

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Tree times per year (February, June and November), 60 minute time slots, in German and English, Prof. Dr. Hans-Eric Rasmussen-Bonne and Prof. Dr. Frank Hammel (Weitnauer Partnerschaft mbB)

How To Ask Investors for Funding — Q&A Two Experienced Venture Capital Experts Answer Your Questions 

Are you interested in raising capital from investors, venture capitalists or business angels? Would you like to know the expectations and requirements of different investors and what this means for your startup team? Are you wondering whether a business angel or VC is the right partner? Two experienced venture capital experts will help you gain an overview of which investors are interested in your industry and how to successfully approach investors. You will learn how to assess whether the financial resources of the investors match your needs, whether you should turn to individual investors, VCs or state banks and which networks the various investors bring with them to advance your startup.

Sign up through our events calendar and discuss your questions!

Three times per year (March, July, November) and on request, 60 minute time slots, in German and English, Dr. Angelika Vlachou, Biologist and Expert on Venture Capital and Investments in Life Science (HTGF) and Dr. Moritz Beissenhirtz, Biochemist and Investment Director Life Sciences (Brandenburg Kapital GmbH)

Entrepreneur in Residence

The “Entrepreneur in Residence” team of the Business Angel Club Berlin-Brandenburg consists of experienced entrepreneurs who have faced and successfully mastered the challenges of commercializing research or early-stage technology. With their expert knowledge, they provide their perspective on a variety of business topics, such as successfully attracting investment, building a team, and communicating the value proposition.

This program offers a free one-hour consultation for young teams at the Potsdam Science Park. These consultations are only arranged on request. We will then put you in touch with experts from the Business Angels Club Berlin Brandenburg e.V. who are industry-specific and/or tailored to your specific needs. Send us a short email to Startup@potsdam-sciencepark.de – we will then consider together which questions are in the focus and which experts could be suitable.


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