Fitness for Mums in Potsdam and Berlin

Whether you’ve just given birth to your first child or are looking to improve your level of fitness as a mum, there are many options for classes for busy mums, both with your children and without.

Academic Sports Center of the University of Potsdam

The Academic Sports Center of the University of Potsdam offers you a wide variety of options at student- and family-friendly prices. Here you can try out new things, continue to practice your favourite sports, take part in organised sports trips with your new friends or simply have fun together at a wide variety of sporting events. Courses designed specifically for women with babies include:

Circuit Training for Mums (with baby, 4-12 months)
Pilates for Mums (with baby, 3-12 months)
Family Sauna (for parents with children 6 months+)

laufmamalauf, Potsdam and Berlin

laufmamalauf is one of the largest outdoor fitness providers for mothers during and after pregnancy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sport with baby, fitness for pregnant women, workouts for working mothers – as experts for fitness, health and well-being of mothers, it is their aim to provide mothers with holistic care and to support their physical, mental and social well-being. laufmamalauf offers a comprehensive course concept for all mums, all fitness levels and all phases of life. With practical tips and expert knowledge, they will help you be fit for the most important job in the world: Being a mum!

Moms in Balance, Berlin

Moms in Balance know that it can be quite a challenge to combine children, friends, work and a full agenda. Their mission is to help as many (soon-to-be) moms as possible feel physically strong and full of energy, so they can make the right decisions and enjoy motherhood combined with their ambitions and goals.

They offer outdoor workouts for pregnant women, postpartum recovery workouts and total body workouts for all women who want to be fit and in shape. Most courses are in German but many trainers in Berlin are international and speak English as well.

© Laufmamalauf – Outdoorfitness für Mütter UG

fitdankbaby®, Potsdam and Berlin

fitdankbaby® is a fitness concept oriented towards mummy and the needs of her baby. While you train your baby is active and benefits from the many games and songs. You will be well looked after by a course leader who is top qualified for prenatal and postnatal training. Fitness courses available from pregnancy and post-partum. Classes are held at fitness studios, midwife offices, outdoors and at other various sports centers.

Glücksmama, Berlin

Glücksmama is training for mothers who want to be fit and active again quickly after the birth of their child – while their baby stays with them. The training concept is therefore specifically geared to the needs of mother AND child. The two founders, Kristina Basiner, who has received very versatile training, including M.A. in sports science/pedagogy and children’s dance teacher, with a degree in acting, and Marc Basiner, a speedball and personal trainer, with dance training in Berlin & New York, developed a special training program for mothers with babies. After the post-natal gymnastics many mothers are looking for an advanced course and this is exactly what the Glücksmama concept offers. Classes are offered indoors and outdoors, as well as in a studio in Friedrichshain.

KANGA TRAINING, Potsdam and Berlin

KANGA TRAINING is a babywearing fitness class for mum and babies. One of the biggest positives of Kangatraining, is that not only do you bring your baby to class, they are an active and important part of the workout! The interval training builds up the basic endurance and strengthens the deep abdominal muscles, back and pelvic floor muscles. There are several levels of difficulty in kangaroo training and this ensures that each participant is neither undertrained nor overstrained. Each kangaroo trainer pays special attention to the ergonomically correct way of carrying the babies during training and there is the possibility of a babywearing consultation by a babywearing consultant at the beginning of each course.

Treffpunkt Freizeit, Potsdam

The parent-child-sport classes are for mums or dads and their children between 1 ½ and 3 years of age. The focus of the sports group is the joy of movement and the joint discovery and testing of new play and movement possibilities, from movement songs, playing with everyday materials to getting to know and trying out movement styles. With the help of the trainer, children and parents experience a wide range of movement experiences with and without materials/equipment and lean play ideas for the home.

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