New Potsdam-Golm Center to benefit those living and working here with Sabrina Schwandt

With institutes like the Fraunhofer and Max Planck Institutes on site as well as the University of Potsdam, the Potsdam Science Park is among future-oriented places with top-level research in the capital region. But what about the future of this growing hotspot for science and business itself? How could the area develop and what could it look like? We spoke to Sabrina Schwandt from dh | IMMOBILIEN, a real estate company that will soon build in the centre of the Potsdam Science Park.

Imagining a New Golm Center in the middle of the Science Park

Sabrina Schwandt and dh | IMMOBILIEN have big plans for the Potsdam Science Park. In consultation with the state capital of Potsdam, the Golm location management and the Potsdam district of Golm, they have set themselves the goal of developing a “New Centre Golm.” The approaches sound extremely promising: “The ‘Neue Mitte Golm’ is to be built centrally around the squares of the Potsdam-Golm railway station. There will be cafés, restaurants and other services, but also enough space for meeting places for exchange and creativity,” says Sabrina Schwandt. The Potsdam-Golm district with its citizens is to be included, as are scientists and students. It was clear that many new buildings and rooms would be created and that the project would contribute a great deal to the existing attractiveness and infrastructure of the district. The spirit of cooperation and exchange of knowledge will remain.

For Sabrina Schwandt, there are many other reasons for the attractiveness of the project. For example, the special location of the Potsdam Science Park is another factor that makes this area particularly attractive: “Future tenants or buyers can be sure that they will become an integral part of the Potsdam Science Park thanks to the proximity and the opportunities for cooperation with the University of Potsdam and the non-university research institutes,” says Sabrina Schwandt. In addition, the Potsdam Science Park is impressive because of its landscape-like structure combined with modern architecture and excellent public transport connections.

The “Neue Mitte Golm” project is currently still in the planning phase and construction is scheduled to begin in Autumn 2021. The property is to be divided into four building complexes. The southernmost building complex is to be used for mixed purposes to support the vitalization of the Golm centre. This will create spaces for active exchange and encounters. Sabrina Schwandt: “We are also planning a café, small local supply shops, a sports studio and co-working spaces in combination with office space.”

According to the current development plan, the other buildings are intended for the settlement of commercial enterprises. Commercial space will be created here in close cooperation with the future tenants. The areas can be designed flexibly and their size can be varied. It is important for Sabrina Schwandt and her team that this “New Centre Golm” is not only available and useful for the employees in the area, but for the entire community.

Expansion into new territory

Sabrina Schwandt also understands the challenges of this project. “Many actors with different interests are involved here. It is particularly important not to be distracted from one’s own visions and to have clear goals for the vitalization of the location in mind.” This is also what is special about this area. Although much has already been created in Potsdam-Golm, there is still room for expansion and growth. This brings the issue of infrastructure into focus: for example, the standardization of a future-oriented mobility concept for the entire Potsdam Science Park would be of great importance in the short to medium term, according to Sabrina Schwandt.

What the future holds

While Sabrina Schwandt and her colleagues continue to work on their plans and goals, they still have a lot of work ahead of them, as does the Potsdam-Golm district. Sabrina Schwandt imagines a New Golm Centre, that will further increase the motivation and attraction for settling in this area. “As a project developer, I see it as my duty to make the location sustainable. My aim is to contribute to making the location an experience for future generations and to inspire national and international companies to settle here. We are looking forward to the exciting ideas and developments at this location,” says the project developer of dh | IMMOBILIEN.

This blog is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of Brandenburg.

Photo 1: Sabrina Schwandt © dh | IMMOBILIEN
Photo 2: Site plan – idea sketch © RKW Architektur + Hegemann-Gruppe


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