Register now for CITY CYCLING 2022 — Potsdam Science Park joining in

This year’s CITY CYCLING in Potsdam begins on September 5th. The Potsdam Science Park is also there this year. Registration for the Potsdam Science Park team is now open, team-kilometers are collected via app.

This year’s CITY CYCLING in Potsdam begins on September 5th. The Potsdam Science Park team will be joining in. Cycling with the Potsdam Science Park is possible upon registration, all cycling kilometers are collected individually via app.

A basic principle in science is to make the world a little bit better. The Potsdam Science Park would like to contribute to making Potsdam even more climate-friendly and its citizens even fitter by participating in the CITY CYCLING campaign. To this end, employees of three Max Planck Institutes, two Fraunhofer Institutes, the Brandenburg State Archives, various companies and startups as well as students of the University of Potsdam (Golm Campus) and residents of Golm are pedaling together.

>>> We will reward the three Potsdam Science Park cyclists with the most experienced kilometers with a surprise package each!

Join the Potsdam Science Park team? This is how it works!

All you need to participate in CITY CYCLING 2022 is a bicycle, your mobile phone and the CITY CYCLING app. When creating your profile, first join the main team »Potsdam Science Park«. Under »Settings« you then choose the subteam you want to join cycling. By the way, you don’t have to meet up separately for the team rides. The kilometres cycled together will be credited to your group via the app. Below you will find a list of the subteams within the Potsdam Science Park main team.

Group names of the subteams

  • IZI-BB (Fraunhofer IZI-BB)
  • IAP (Fraunhofer IAP)
  • Innovationszentren (Companies at GO:IN, GO:IN 2, H-LAB)
  • UP/Campus Golm (University of Potsdam, Golm Campus)
  • BLHA (Brandenburg Main State Archive)
  • Anwohner Golm (Golm Residents)
  • Max-Planck Campus Golm (Max-Planck-Institutes: MPI AEI, MPI-KG und MPIMP)

Collecting kilometres

The easiest way to collect your kilometres is via the CITY CYCLING app. Download it and activate the app and your location data whenever you are cycling in Potsdam. We have compiled all the details on registration and the process for you in our instructions in German and English.

Register for CITY CYCLING via this link

How to join the »POtsdam Science Park « team guideline (PDF)


CITY CICLING is a competition for 21 days. It ́s aim is to cycle as many everyday journeys as possible in a fitness- and climate-friendly way. It doesn’t matter whether you already cycle every day or from time to time. Every kilometer counts – even if you hop on a rental bike. You can enter the competition via an app on your cell phone. In addition to the obvious added values of fitness & climate protection, there are exciting prizes to be won on a municipal and national level.

CITY CYCLING rules of participation


CITY CYCLING app Download

Press release of the City of Potsdam (in German)

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