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Finding shortterm and longterm accommodation in Potsdam and Berlin can be a real challenge. Commuting times, prices in the different residential districts and the most opportune times of year to search are all important factors to consider when searching for long-term accommodation. We will help illuminate your path towards finding a new home.

*The Welcome Service is free of charge for our contract partners´employees.

Your Request

Due to some intertwined procedures we split the process into two steps.

Finding temporary accommodation
We strongly suggest to MPI employees and guests to book a room at the MPI Guesthouse to make your start as easy as possible. Do not hesitate to book it much in advance as places are limited.

Finding permanent accommodation
We need to document every employee of our contractual partners, who uses our services. Please fill in the form. We will get back to you shortly after we have received your information. Furthermore please check this website for a realistic view about costs of living in the Berlin/Brandenburg region.