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International and Organic Food Shopping in Potsdam

If you move to foreign country, you leave behind family members, friends and the culture of your home country. Specific foods can be a huge part of our identity. Food connects us to our home country and can even define how we bond with family members. A smell of your favourite dish cooked at home by your grandmother, for example, can bring a thousand memories to the surface. We would like to help you find the nearest locations where you can purchase ingredients for your country’s cuisine, and bring your dishes to Germany

British & American Food Markets

A Slice of Britain
This little backyard shop in Potsdam´s city center provides British and American foods. In addition to the store, a cozy English café is integrated into the shop. Just pop in and taste a slice of Earl Grey tea or cake. Please reservate a table to enjoy their delicious breakfasts.
Dortustr. 53, 14467 Potsdam   

Asian Food Markets

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Late Shop 
The Late Shop provides a small range of Asian foods in Babelsberg.
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 4-5, 14482 Potsdam

Mr. Phung Asia Markt
Mr Phung is a well-known restaurant owner Potsdam´s district Drewitz, who opened his shop for asian foods shortly.
Gerlachstraße 31-33, 14480 Potsdam

Dong Xuan Center 
This is the biggest Asia Market in Berlin. It´s more like China Town than a big supermarket. In six market halls you will find everything you are dreaming of.
Herzbergstraße 128-139, 10365 Berlin

Halal & Kosher Food Markets

Rams Arabische Lebensmittel
This supermarket was opened by a refugee from Syria in 2016 and is very popular amongst Arabic residents in Potsdam. The owner provides a large range of vegetables, fruits, spices and even refrigerated foods.
Charlottenstraße 99, 14467 Potsdam 

Latino Food Markets

Unfortunatley Potsdam does not offer a shop for Latino foods, but please find some shops in Berlin here.

African Food Markets

Divine Increase Afro Shop & Cosmetics
Small range of food products for peparing african and caribean dishes.
Heinrich-Mann-Allee 16, 14473 Potsdam

Mama Precious AfroShop
Broader range of food products including veggies, e.g. cassava or plantains, and frozen fish.
Gerlachstraße 31-33, 14480 Potsdam

Food Markets Without Packaging

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The Zero Waste movement is popular in Germany, and there are options for shopping for products without packaging or in reusable packaging.

Kathi & Käthe – fair verpackt 
This shop in Babelsberg offers organic grains, fruits, nuts and even cosmetic products without packaging. Bring your reusable containers or purchase containers in the shop. Furthermore you can learn how to produce your own cosmetics and cleaning products in their workshops.
Garnstraße 20, 14482 Potsdam

maßVoll – einkaufen unverpackt 
maßVoll was the first shop without packaging in Potsdam. It is located close to Luisenplatz and offers vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and even some refrigerated dairy products. Bring your reusable containers or purchase containers in the shop.
Zeppelinstraße 1, 14471 Potsdam

Lebensquell Biomarkt 
In addition to their regular product range, Lebensquell offers some products without packaging in one aisle.
Hegelallee 23, 14467 Potsdam

Organic & Vegan Food Markets

Lebensquell Biomarkt
This supermarket is hidden in a courtyard and provides organic foods and a wide range of vegan or gluten-free products. This organic supermarket doesn´t provide meat.
Hegelallee 23, 14467 Potsdam

BIO COMPANY (all over town)
This chain specializes in natural and organic foods and has a number of shops all over town. Depending on the district the shops vary in size and product range.
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Alnatura Super Natur Markt
Alnatura part of a chain with one store in Potsdam. A bakery is included into the shop. You can purchase vegan and non-vegan products like fruits, vegetables, wine, meat, products for babies and even cosmetics.
Hebbelstraße 1 D, 14467 Potsdam

Sauenhain Potsdam
Here you can order fresh and preserved pork products directly from an organic and local farm―online or by order (delivery on Fridays).

Marcus Gude offers only gras fed beef and adds up his portfolio with regional products – from alcoholic beverages to oils, mustard or jam.
Gutenbergstraße 16, 14467 Potsdam

henryks regio+
In this you will only find organic products from the region: cheese, butter, oils, jams and much more.
Gutenbergstraße 83, 14467 Potsdam


This supermarket chain has a number of stores in different districts of the city. However, the market inside the central train station is one of the largest in Potsdam. Some aisles are stocked with ingredients for different food styles―including gluten-free products, Asian, Halal and Kosher foods.

At Main Station Potsdam | Babelsberger Str. 16, 14473 Potsdam

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