Pinpoint healing for infected cells

The SARS-CoV2-pandemic has raised our awareness of the specific needs of groups that face greater risks from the virus. Autoimmune diseases affect 5-8 percent of the population. At Potsdam Science Park, Rodos Biotarget GmbH is getting closer to an innovative new treatment approach for pinpoint healing of infected cells.

Autoimmune diseases: When our bodies fail to defend themselves

In addition to the elderly, people suffering from overshooting of the immune system or of certain autoimmune diseases are exposed to an increased likelihood of catching infectious diseases or experiencing more serious symptoms.

Many of us underestimate the number of people affected by this problem: worldwide, 5-8 percent of the population is currently affected by about 80-100 different autoimmune diseases. Some, such as diabetes mellitus type 1 and multiple sclerosis, are showing a steady increase in frequency in recent years. At least statistically, each of us knows at least one person suffering from an autoimmune disease.

But how exactly do these diseases affect the body? And why is their treatment so complicated? Dr. Marcus Furch, CEO of Rodos Biotarget GmbH, explains: “Such diseases effectively undermine our immune system by addressing the cells in charge of it. Treatment often fails because contemporary medication in many cases does not ideally transport its active ingredients to the affected body cells only, but also to healthy cells, thus causing side-effects that limits its therapeutic use.”